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Kasabian, one of the UK’s best and biggest bands, are back and on fire with an explosive new studio album Happenings out July 5th on Columbia Records.  


Happenings is their 8th studio album and one of their best yet as lead single ‘Call’ sets the tone with its huge, popping, weaving synth riff, flavoured with backing chants and chiming grooves. ‘Call’ was the first song Serge Pizzorno wrote for the album and it sets the vibe for the delights that follow.


The follow up to 2022’s #1 album The Alchemist’s Euphoria, Happenings is 10 quick, sharp, visceral doses of fresh heavy hitters, drawing inspiration from the anything-goes art performance late-1950s. Veering between the dance floor to the mosh pit, tracks over three minutes were outlawed (well nearly), and with those 10 tracks clocking up to 26 minutes (“A minute shorter than the Ramones debut”), Happenings is not only an album that never overstays its welcome, but leaves listeners craving more.

Written and initially recorded at Pizzorno’s home studio, The Sergery, before the band later decamped as Serge and Mark Ralph (Zara Larsson, Clean Bandit, Rudimental) co-produced the final sessions together, 

Kasabian are: Serge Pizzorno, bassist Chris Edwards, drummer Ian Matthews
and guitarist Tim Carter