(October 13, 2023). On the eve of Madonna’s highly anticipated “The Celebration Tour” kicking off tomorrow night at the O2 Arena in London, here is “The Celebration Tour” by the numbers:


4 Decades of unstoppable hits – prepare to dance your ass off!  

13th Culture shaping tour.

1 Extraordinary drag queen. 

8th Tour partnering with director Jamie King. 

24 Onstage performers. 

1 Stuart Price reunion.  

4,400 square ft. of stage, the largest for any Madonna tour.  Inspired by the grid of Manhattan with Uptown, Downtown, Midtown, East and West stages. 

8 Humidifiers in Madonna’s dressing room.

1 Bottle of MDNA Rose Mist Spray in each quick-change space.

3 Traveling mobile gyms.

15 Countries.

78 Shows. 

50 Merch items including vintage recreations of iconic items from previous tours such as the Blond Ambition Bomber Jacket. 

45 Wardrobe trunks. 

1 Queen sized Madonna flag outside the O2 (naturally).

6 Sold out nights in London.

3 Layered circular stage where the traditional main stage would be, inspired by the wedding cake of Madonna’s original VMA performance.

3 Physical therapists. 

4 of Madonna’s children on stage. 

40 Pairs of boxing gloves.

230 Ft. of combined length of catwalk that gets Madonna 105ft far into the venue. 

14 Spotlights for Madonna and over 600 intelligent lights to light the stage and arena with over 8800 lighting cues.

17 Archived costumes recreated.

4 Rehearsal venues. 

80 Tons of production equipment. 

330 Million albums sold, still the best-selling female artist of all time.

3600 Square ft. of projection imagery to the show. The most amount of video ever used in a Madonna show.

200+ Traveling crew – 25 in the costume department alone.

30 Ft. off the ground Madonna is transported around the arena in an illuminated portal frame that acts as a time machine allowing her to move at 1.5ft per second, 80ft across and 130ft down the length of the arena designed to symbolize looking into the past, present and towards the future. 

3700 Amps of show power.