NADINE Releases Inspirational New Single ‘Silver Lining’

Debut EP HERSTORY Out Now On Ivy Records

After introducing the world to her captivating sound earlier this year, pop’s new starlet NADINE returns with new single ‘Silver Lining’. The track comes as NADINE drops her debut solo EP HERSTORY on Ivy Records via Virgin Music Group’s global distribution. 


An uplifting slice of euphoric pop, ‘Silver Lining’ offers a powerful reminder of the light at the end of the tunnel. “‘Silver Lining’ is about a time in my life where I was facing homelessness, in an abusive relationship and was just in such a scary place mentally,” Nadine says of the track. “I was quite easily manipulated, some might say I was naïve, but I’ve never seen it as naïve, I see it as I always saw light, I hadn’t quite met the darkness yet! I believed in dreams coming true, in real love, in the fantasy and I still do, but maybe not quite as innocently as I did before. It’s really a little message of love to my younger self to keep that optimism, that hope, that love and to grip tightly to all of that good stuff, because although the dark is real and so is the light.” Listen to ‘Silver Lining’ HERE.

HERSTORY is NADINE laying herself bare and finding her truth through healing. A sum greater than its individual parts, the 5 track EP is an honest look into her journey. “I feel the name speaks for itself really. It’s a story about experiences I’ve faced in the past,” NADINE said of the EP. “It’s about the truth and acceptance of suffering and finding the beauty in it. I’ve used my voice and heart to express some of my story in the music, which is the most healing thing I could ever have done.

Born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, NADINE formed a passion for music at a young age through her parents’ record collections. Growing up on a steady diet of Garage, Reggae, Soul, R&B and Pop, it was when she discovered Destiny’s Child that her true obsession began. Performing came natural as well, singing for her family on their karaoke machine aged five, NADINE went onto form UK girl group M.O in 2012, touring the UK with Little Mix and releasing multiple platinum selling singles before disbanding in 2018. 

Now into 2023 and with support from the likes of Radio 1, KISS, 1883 Magazine and well over a million views across her live cuts on TikTok, NADINE is an undeniably exciting talent and one to keep a close eye on.