Tom Walker Makes A Fierce Return & Takes Aim At Those Who Doubted Him With Brand New Single ‘Burn’- Out Now

Tom Walker today makes a poignant return, sounding like you’ve never heard him before on brand new, defining single ‘Burn’ listen HERE.

‘Burn’ arrives as a rallying cry from an artist who made his name – and earned his Number One album, 2019 Brit Award, & international hit in ‘Leave A Light On’ – for the candour in his craft. But what happens when that artist, with two million worldwide album sales and over three billion global streams in tow, nearly calls it quits?

The songs he wrote last year for album number two? Binned. The half-measures and second-guessing? Burned. The relationship with his record label? Fractured. Just like any job, Tom Walker wasn’t immune to the pressures of work and high expectations. Exhausted from the ongoing pressure of being present on social media and of the criticism from his record label on over 130 “mediocre” songs he’d written, he was fuming…

“I had just done seven days of rehearsal in a row, straight into a UK tour, then into 2 weeks of writing, worked my arse off every hour, of every day for months,” Tom explains. “When the powers that be came back having a dig at the songs I’d poured my heart and my soul into, I absolutely lost it. I honestly thought ‘I’m going to have to call it a day with music, it was making me miserable’ I was angry, and you can hear that in ‘Burn’. In many lines of work, music included, you give it everything and sacrifice every other aspect of your life and it’s never enough.”

Tom subsequently headed out to Los Angeles to write with the McDonough brothers, Ryan Daly & Castle, who’s credits between them include Joji, Khalid, Mimi Webb and John Legend. “Their love and passion for the whole thing reignited something in me that I didn’t realise I’d lost – which was the excitement and the love and the trying of brand new things.”

The results speak for themselves. On ‘Burn’, that song writing skill now comes armed and armour-plated with dynamic production, propulsive rhythm and multi-coloured soundscapes.

“I gave you my blood, my sweat, my tears / And all you ever did was leave me here / Set me on fire cause you love the hurt,” sings Walker, like his life depended on it, taking a swipe at the record label over urgent, hammering beats, teeing up a towering chorus: “Set me on fire just to watch me… BURN.” Like the man said: he sounds like he’s been pushed to his absolute limit, and the song that came at the lowest moment in his relationship with the label, ends up being the track the label demanded be his comeback single.

“The day I wrote ‘Burn’, I thought ‘Fuck everyone, I’m sick of this” Tom summises. “I scrapped a whole album and decided to go back to making songs that I love. Songs that make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Songs that bring a tear to my eye. Songs that actually mean something to me.”


Since bursting into the charts with huge tracks ‘Leave A Light On’ and ‘Just You And I’, selling out shows across the globe and becoming the biggest selling UK signed artist of 2019, Tom has gone from strength to strength, and in 2021, took part in a truly special performance with The Duchess Of Cambridge from Westminster Abbey where she joined Tom on piano for a memorable version of his track ‘For Those Who Can’t Be Here’.

But now, looking ahead, as Tom succinctly puts it; I will die for these songs. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve felt like that. You’ve got to ignore what everyone else wants from you, and you’ve got to back yourself.”

And with that, welcome to the exciting, limitless next phase of Tom Walker. A man who knows where he’s headed: to arena-scale songs with molecular-level heart. 


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