Diana DeMuth Reveals Video for New Single

‘Hotel Song’ Out Now

Simone Felice presents Diana DeMuth at The Slaughtered Lamb in London on 15th January 2020

Restless and ready to pave her own way, Diana DeMuth has burst onto the singer-songwriter scene with an arresting perspective about life, love and self-discovery through new single ‘Hotel Song’. Diana has also announced her producer and collaborator Simone Felice (Bat For Lashes, The Lumineers, Jade Bird) will introduce her music live at The Slaughtered Lamb in London on 15th January. The show will see Diana and Simone perform solo sets, as well as tracks together.

Conceived in a London hotel and produced by multi-platinum record producer Simone Felice, ‘Hotel Song’ is an emotionally charged anthem; the vagabond chorus evokes the liberating feeling of driving down an empty road with nothing but your dreams, destiny and the windows down. Speaking of the track Diana says, ‘“Hotel Song is really about self-discovery and liberation. It’s about finding the inner strength to set yourself free from whatever holds you back’.

Listen To ‘Hotel Song’ HERE

Growing up on the coast of Massachusetts, DeMuth was immersed in a bohemian upbringing where she moved from place to place with hippie parents. That same restless spirit inhabited DeMuth: she always had a sense that there was something out there beyond where she grew up and that existence. At 19, after going to college for one week, DeMuth left because she was certain music was her path. For the past five years, she’s focused on just that, spending her time traveling and playing small gigs around America, while waitressing and honing her craft.

DeMuth and Felice teamed up with Felice’s longtime collaborator David Baron at a Catskill Mountain house overlooking the Shokan Reservoir outside Woodstock where the music flowed quickly and freely, and together they began to record.

Diana will join Simone Felice for his show at The Slaughtered Lamb in London on 15th January. Tickets for the show are on-sale HERE.