Mike Posner Releases New Single “Song About You”

Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum selling artist, Mike Posner (“I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” “Cooler Than Me”), is back with his first original song in over two years with brand new single, “Song About You.” The melodic genre-defying track, which is the first single off his forthcoming album, was released today, September 10th, via Island Records.

Listen To “Song About You” HERE

“Song About You” is a piercing introspective look at a relationship that didn’t work out. It dredges up the pain that comes when love seems to be in the palm of one’s hand and yet is impossible to grasp.  The song has the principle characteristics of Mike’s finest work, in that it allows us to hear what only Mike can be feeling, while at the same time striking a recognizable chord inside all of us who’ve suffered through our own unique romantic collapses.

A line at the heart of the song says it all for millions of us at some point in our lives: I think I miss something I never had.

We’ve all felt the exasperation in Mike’s voice as he sings this song, maybe even his resounding howl, and we can easily recognize the sadness coming through Mike’s guitar that brings a sense of resignation to his frustration.

“Song About You” is filled with the same piercing honesty that brought “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” a Grammy nomination and sent it streaming around the world more than a billion times.

For Mike, “Song About You” is yet another self-cleanse. “It was good to make this song because of all the angst that was inside me. What do you do with that angst? I put it in a song. Then I don’t have to throw it on another human or on myself,” he says.

“You can only hope someone feels a sense of beauty or connection out of your suffering – that’s the highest goal as an artist.”